Renovation (part 2)

And so the destruction continues, over the last couple of weekends I’ve been beavering away, continuing the tear down in preparation for the rebuild and I’m bloody knackered :) I’ve also started keeping track of what I’ve spent so far…

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Renovation (part 1)

The Backstory!

So a few years ago both my grandparents died *sad face*and their house became our house. For a while we used it at the weekends, much like we did when we used to visit the grand rents :-) We put some new carpet down and made it a bit homely but it needed a bit of TLC. Then my uncle needed somewhere to stay so he rented it for a while, then my mum was considering downsizing and buying the house, so he moved out and she had a grandiose master plan to modernise the house, enter “the tester hole” :


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